Pompa Showfou Submersible Utility Pump Goldfish Series Type GFA

Showfou Electric Machine Co., LTD.

Submersible Utility Pump  

Goldfish Series   

GFA   (Automatic  model )

  • Plastic Body, Light-weight design for continuous duty
  • Automatic model with float key switch
  • Power: 100, 200, 370, 680W
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Motor: 2 Poles
  • Multipurpose low power electric pump, suitable for drainage of clean water, or removing water from flooded basements garages and small sumps.
  • Double Seal System for 100W,200W
  • Triplex Seal System for 370W,680W
  • Unique ” Epoxy Cable Sealing Base”
  • Built in Quality Motor Protector
  • CE/CSA/UL approval


Katalog Download : Goldfish GFA.pdf

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Telp: 021-62320546, 62200523

Email: harapanutamapower@gmail.com



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